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The humble Job Description or Job Specification is crucial to your hiring success, and a job specification that aligns with your business objectives is a must to avoid the impact of a bad hire in your business.

Having a great job specification means you understand exactly what skills and experience are required for your role and the type of person you want for the team.

It should also give candidates all of the information they need to know about the role and how to apply. After all the JD is the first thing your dream candidate sees before they decide whether to apply to your job or not. However all too often JDs are rushed and don't get the love they deserve. 

We have some top tips on creating an amazing job description along with a free download.

But why spend time writing one yourself?

We have a library of job specs all ready to go.

Our system lets you choose the key points, the requirements and the responsibilities of your role. We then let you tweak it so that it’s perfect for you.  

Failing that our experienced team will write it for you. We will work with you to understand who it is you are looking to hire, what they should expect of the role and who you are as a company. We will then get you the perfect job specification to attract top talent to your role.

As an added bonus we will provide you with some suggested questions you can use during the interview stage based on your requirements.


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