Don’t get frustrated trying to arrange interviews

Stop the endless, "What time works for you?" back-and-forth email threads.

With our online interview scheduler you can quickly plan out when you are free to undertake interviews, whether they are Telephone Interviews or Face-to-Face this tool will help take all of the hassle and frustration out of the process.

You simply set when you are available to conduct interviews using our simple online app.

Candidates then choose the slot that works best for them.

And everything is added to your calendar ready to go.

Plus remember we have Video Interview providers all ready to help you as well. A video interview can save you time and money, and means you can conduct repeatable standardised interviews that can be shared with other members of your company, helping you get a second opinion on a candidate.

We can also help you with interview questions you can use, when we help you Create the perfect job specification

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