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The humble Job Description or Job Specification is crucial to your hiring success. After all the JD is the first thing your dream candidate sees before they decide whether to apply to your job or not. All too often JDs are rushed and don't get the love they deserve. 

We have put together a Job Description Creation Guide to help you create job specs that will impress your candidates and Hiring Managers.

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Creating a job specification that aligns with your business objectives is a must to avoid the impact of a bad hire in your business.

Our guide covers:

The Key Elements of a Job Spec

The basics you need in every JD

Preparing the right specification will help you to screen and evaluate applicant CVs efficiently and help to structure your interviews accordingly. Your job spec also helps the people who may consider applying to your vacancy. Being specific on what you require will enable prospective candidates to evaluate whether they are the right fit for your business. It can also be used to form the basis of an employment contract with your successful hire and an ongoing performance management tool.

The Candidate Persona

What it is and why you need one?

In creating a job specification it is important to avoid vague phrases or words. If this is a new post, or difficult to fill, a candidate persona will help to create a more specific job specification and ultimately a successful job post.

The Job Spec Checklist

Use our handy checklist to make sure you include all important information, your layout is correct and everything is ready to go