The perfect screening tool for busy managers

When you are busy the task of reviewing lots of CVs can be daunting

You know you need to look at each CV and you need to look through each one to check if each one has the skills, experience and qualifications that are important to your role.

You know that is going to take time and focus, which if you are busy can be hard to find.

We can help you! Candidates submitted through our service are graded against your requirements and our team of recruitment experts will give you a quick summary of each candidate.


So you can use our simple mobile friendly app to quickly sift through the applications into ones that you are interested in, and ones that you are not.

This means you can let those you are interested in know quickly that you like them and that you will be in touch soon. This keeps them warm and helps prevent them looking elsewhere for employment. There is nothing worse than finding that perfect employee, only to find they’ve taken another position with your competitors.

In the candidate driven age of social media and instant news, candidates expect you to act fast when it comes to hiring them. If you don’t – someone else will.

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